Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Shenzhen Dianxinyi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dianxinyi"), founded in 2020, has developed into a famous distributor of hybrid (authorized and unauthorized) electronic components (IC) in China. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, Dianxinyi has established good business relations with many famous integrated circuit manufacturers and agents in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and China, and has been the agent of many famous brands of integrated circuit products in the world and in China.

Dianxinyi focuses on the sales of semiconductor components in the domestic market (wholesale and retail). Dianxinyi relies on Shenzhen's advantageous electronic information industry to radiate the Chinese electronic market and sell semiconductor integrated circuits of international famous brands. In line with the principle of "people-oriented" and "quality oriented", respect the market value, respect the customer value, and seek sustainable development with high-quality services. The domestic business unit provides customers with first-class services through direct and valuable supply, competitive prices and flexible and fast logistics to achieve a win-win situation.